Life Is A Blessing

There are days, moments, that I find myself losing my patience with the girls, getting irritated and upset for any number of reasons: because Camryn won’t take a nap and is crabby, or she’s getting into everything she’s not supposed to be getting into. Or because Kendal is still being loud or jumping on the couch when I’ve asked her to stop for the umpteenth time. Or when she’s hanging on my neck or my leg or my clothes when I’m trying to put dishes away or fold laundry or change a diaper.

I try to remember that they’re just kids. They just want my attention and love. But sometimes I still lose it and think about how nice it would be to have a moment or two to myself, to breathe, to be reminded why being a mom is so awesome, because it really is the best job in the world. 

Sometimes the best reminders come when you least expect it, from someone you may not even know, in a very humbling way.

This morning I opened up Facebook and was scrolling through post of friends and saw that 13 month old little boy named Knox Thomas Lewis passed away after a 7 month battle with a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer. I went to the page that was set up for him and looked at his pictures and started reading some of the more recent posts and the condolences that were pouring in by the minute. There was a link to his Caring Bridge page, so I clicked on that and started reading his story. I was moved to tears thinking about him, his parents, and his brother and sister; what they’ve been through, the ups and downs, and their certain heartbreak now that Knox is gone.

Just last week, his parent’s wrote in a Caring Bridge post, “For we may never know why this was Gods plan for Knox. We know that he has touched so many people’s lives and hearts in his short 13 months of life.”

Even though I didn’t know Knox and I don’t know his family, his story has touched my life. It’s my reminder to be patient, be loving, and to live each day with gratitude and thanks for all that we have especially for life itself.

God bless Knox and his family.




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